Can’t quite see it…

I am currently working on a paper about visual research methodology.  This is part of my MRes programme, but also the instigator for my plan for my dissertation.  This whole topic is fascinating (I actually hope that the quantative module is as gripping as this one).  I have read so many articles, case studies and book chapters that I could happily discuss the topic and feel like I am making sense.  Although, in reality, if you put me in a room of experts I find it quite intimidating.  However, the paper I am trying to write is not very forthcoming.  I have now divided it into sub headings to try and tackle it that way.  I will see if this helps tonight. 

Last night I consoled myself by reading On Photography by Susan Sontag in the bath. I read it while completing my BA in Art History, but it seems to make more sense now reading it from a social sciences perspective. 


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