Feeling Detached

Last night I settled in for a reading/making notes session.  I do this fairly regularly during the week, especially on nights when the lads are playing a tabletop roleplay game downstairs.  I made myself comfy and began to read one of the many articles I have earmarked for my current essay.  I got to the third page, I had made a couple of notes about the piece which seemed useful.  Then, it struck me that the images I was looking at I had seen before, in fact the article was so useful I had found this draft copy of it and was in the middle of reading it for a second time!  *sigh*  I then picked up the next article, only to find that it wasn’t relevant.
I did eventually get to reading something whcih was helpful, but it took some doing.

In light of what happened last night, today I am feeling a bit detached from it all.  I want to write a good essay, not be borderline or satisfactory, a good essay (or even an excellent one).  Not only that, I want to be in the middle of what is going on research-wise and I keep seeing Twitter posts about exciting things happening eslewhere and I feel like I am missing out.  I am sure it will pass.  At the moment I am quite aware that this deadline is looming…10 days to go.


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