One chapter ends another begins…

I have woefully neglected this blog for nearly a year. I have been contributing to a staff blog at work, however that is no excuse. So I thought I would bring this up to date and also broaden my topics.

I have finished my MRes, I will go into more detail on that process as time goes on, and I have secured a place at the University of Sheffield to undertake my PhD. So my plans are progressing via the application of hard work and sometimes abandoning my social life! As the inspiration comes to me I will write about various aspects of finishing research, dissertations and applications.

What really bought me back to this was looking through my photos on Facebook. I am a larper, and I also tend to put myself up for interesting projects or activities. The photos reminded me of some of the fun stuff I have done, there are a lot of photos of my smiling while I am doing things. So I thought I would expand my topics on here to include some of the other things I have done outside of academia.

Let’s face it people are made up of more than on aspect. It’s is the sum of these parts that create a personality and experiences. So I think I would like to tell you about those. I will probably use the photographs as inspiration and to jog my memory, and as a frame of reference for some of the stories.

If you see that I haven’t posted for over a week, comment, poke me or something so that I pull my finger out. I have no excuses!

As a starter I am going to leave this photo here-


Fatty the Cat as pictured by Al. The internet loves cats.


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