LARP – Where do I fit in…

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Lair of the Jiggybeast

Legionnaire Down

“Well…that was shit” – Yan Grobowski

Fitting in at LARP is difficult.  A lot of people can be put off by the seeming lack of anything tangible to get involved in, whilst everyone else seems to have loads on.  At club systems this isn’t such a problem, but at a fest it can be a different kettle of fish.

As someone who never fits in I can offer my best advice about trying to find your place in what sometimes can seem a very uninviting world.


If you want to be involved, volunteer. People will often ask for runners, bodyguards and numerous other dogsbodies.

Sound dull… well often, but sometimes not.  You tend to get to hear all the good stuff and work out what is going on.   Also you tend to be helping someone with more power and influence IC, so it can’t hurt your game really.


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