So with the impending registration at the University of Sheffield, the end of the larp fest season* and the new careers both myself and Al are embarking on, I decided we needed to de-clutter the house. I say we, it is me that needs it. I also have plans for a bit of a refurb. We have been in the house for about nine years now so it is about time really.

There have been a couple of incidents that have made me realise we have far too much stuff. One was the invitation to go and help out at Empire. This required “new” costume, Al managed to create his entirely from kit stored in the garage. Me? I was going to recycle, but then ended up have ideas and made a new tunic and snood. So now we have even more kit knocking around. I t also meant that we went through a few of the boxes in the garage and could see that there was some kit that was good enough to pass on to others. So project right there.

Another incident was Al bringing home all the stuff he took to school over the last seven years. Thing hands, costume, show and tell stuff….six large boxes of it! That all needs a home.

So generally I have been taking the advice of the Unfuck your habitat app and have been going through the house bit by bit throwing out old broken things, separating out sellable objects, and putting away the good stuff. Its not simple though, it should be. I hold onto too many things that I feel have a sentimental value and don’t have a mechanism for storing them, or presenting them.

I have a couple of goals on top of the general fewer things in the house aim; I would like new bookshelves. So I have been boxing the books ready for the new shelves. If I don’t the new shelves will never happen. I also want a reading nook under the stairs. This means that space needs to stop being a convenient dumping ground.

It is oddly comforting this uncluttering process and strangely addictive. I suspect this is due to my need for keeping busy at the moment. My brain is full of new things happening. I hope the need to do it continues though, once my brain has settled into new ventures.

*I clarify the fest season here as I have seen the numerous debates about seasons and whether they exist in this capacity. Also that there are many more events that take place between October to March.

Here is another cat picture, she is helping with the clean out…honest.



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September 28, 2014 · 7:54 pm

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