Research centres, children and sexuality and supervision, all in one day!

I managed to time my mini-supervision meeting with a Centre for the Study of Youth and Childhood (CSYC) seminar today. So I had a brief lie in, walked (via work as it is on the way) to the railway station and off to Sheffield for the day.

The seminar’s theme was children, sex and sexuality. The first talk was on children using mobile technology, what they get out of it, what they think about it and their experiences. Dr Emma Bond shared some of her findings from a project with 11-17 year olds and how they use their mobile phones. I found this enlightening, particularly the children’s management of their social and family worlds using the phones. The advancement in technology has really left adults behind and we are so off on the advice we are giving children on internet safety and online presence.
The second presentation focused on sexual identities and the media’s influence on children by Dr Jackie Marsh. It highlighted a couple of examples of playground games that were directly influence by music and tv. This talk really highlighted the worries we, as adults, impose on children. We think they are getting the same inferences from tv and music that we are. Their interpretation of media sources is quite different and at primary level they will censor themselves or create situations where they can experience something from an alternative point of view.
Both talks have given me a little more insight into working with young people which will be useful in the day to day job.
Following the seminars was a welcome event for the new researchers at CSYC, I met some new people, others in my position and who are on differing projects. They introduced a number of smaller research groups within the centre so now I have a list of people I want to email and yell “include me!” at.

Then I had my mini-supervision meeting. It seems to be that any length of chat is good with my supervisor (I am hoping this doesn’t change). I met another student working in my area, felt I helped her a little, she is also part time and working full time so we are in the same boat (and just about the same career too). I have a task now, which feels like I am back in familiar territory. The transition from taught programme to research programme is a little daunting, but having a task to do has put me back on familiar ground. Although the task is to write about me, my motivations and my research question. I can see how useful this will be. Already, following our discussion, I can see how my outlook on my project might change. I am also looking forward to writing something again. It will also help my supervisor get to know me better which is going to be invaluable in this working relationship. In addition to this I have a hefty reading list. So the next few weeks will be composing my thoughts, reading and building a new set of bookshelves!

The cat likes reading time, I sit still fr more than five minutes!

Fatty in bed

Fatty in bed


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