And not ignoring my professional development…

It is not all about my academic progress at the moment, I am forging ahead with my professional development at the same time. I haven’t really covered my job much on this blog, so here is an update.

I am a Student Recruitment Officer (WP). The title is a little misleading as I don’t do much direct student recruitment, but I do work with pre-16 primary and secondary school children, advise Access to HE students, mature students, and generally encourage people to consider university as an option. I also do a bit of public engagement – my current project being the WW1 Knit a Poppy ProjectWW1 Knit a Poppy Project . In addition to this I am helping to cover the student ambassador scheme for colleagues on and going on maternity leave.

So following in the footsteps of my other colleagues, I joined HELOA (Higher Education Liaison OfficerAssociation?). This week I went to the HELOA New Practitioners Conference in Leeds. It was a really good opportunity to meet others in the same position as me. I realised quite quickly that I was at least 10 years older than most of the other delegates!

We covered some of the basics, those things that you never really get around to asking like what all the acronyms mean and covered some essentials as safeguarding, child protection and personal safety. I have had training for some of this at work, but this was an opportunity to share ideas and good practice with other universities and colleges. We also covered presentation skills, open days and student finance. All solid basics for the first timer.

The last couple of days helped me meet some lovely people, I realised I know more than I think, and that being part of HELOA is a good thing.

I am glad to be home though! The back end of the hurricane is here and it was getting a bit blustery outside (as the cat keeps telling me).



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3 responses to “And not ignoring my professional development…

  1. Albert Jan de Rooij

    Maternity leave? Congratulations!

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