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NCCPE Engage Conference – day two – mid morning #engage_2014

My last post was long, so this next session is getting its own post!
It is about engaging young people, and there are real young people here…and badges.

What if…

We have just been asked to write our questions on a tin. Photos to be uploaded later. It is all about asking the question, rather than the answer. The tins have something inside but we will not get to find out!

The concept of this session and the project behind it is all about inspiring curiosity which is uniform across both sciences and humanities. This project ran between Durham university and Greenfield Arts. It was a free form project that had a series of sessions where academics were bought in to try and facilitate the young people’s ideas. This meant some flexibility on the part of the scientists involved as they did not know that they were going to get out of it. The young people created a performance from scratch, with professional actors that contributes to a lot of the research that ended up being involved. It reached 6000 people.

All the work on this project were outside their usual timetable. It was a six month project and included a day out of their time during the summer holidays. They were part of the extra curricular STEM club so spans different ages of children with an interest.

The young people have said that they hadn’t considered university before, but this has penned up their minds and they are interested in going to university now. They hadn’t had any experience with universities in the past so used the time to explore routes and career paths as well. This also included girls as well as boys in the STEM club and in particular year 11 girls. Although the girls joined STEM club after the project started to get involved.

Apparently they now just sit and think more, not listening to music or surfing the net. The facilitators said that the ideas that they now discuss are amazing, really broad and well thought out.

The young people said that as it is not part of their curriculum they had to commit to the project so you only get people who were really interest involved. Although it has influenced their every day thinking.

Wow! Entirely inspired!

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